Embedded Analytics affordable alternative to PowerBI Premium

Embedded capabilities of BI tools allows to force data-driven decisions in the company by embedding reports and data visualizations into existing web-based business software - like intranet portal, CRM, ERP etc. Main benefits are:

  • usability: users don't need to switch to separate BI application to get reports/insights.
  • relevancy: canned reports are placed in the right locations (steps of business processes) which leads to better BI adoption.
  • security: guarantee that users will see only data that they permitted to access.
  • lower BI costs: no need to use per-user BI software licenses, less efforts on reports integration/modification/upgrades.

How to choose the right embedded BI solution

First of all you need to check technical preconditions to ensure that BI tool:

Not must have but usually desired features:

And the last, determine your bugdet that you can spend for BI capabilities: if you're not a Fortune-500 company, enteprise-grade BI solutions might be too expensive for you.

Comparison of embedded BI solutions SeekTable vs PowerBI Embedded

Feature SeekTable PowerBI Embedded
Live connection SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSql, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Oracle, Yandex ClickHouse, MongoDb, ElasticSearch, OLAP XMLA (Analysis Services), ODBC*
* with ODBC drivers technically it is possible enable live connections to Snowflake/Vertica/SAP HANA/other DBs that don't have built-in connector in SeekTable
SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, IBM DB2, Exasol, Vertica, Snowflake, SAP HANA, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services
Taken from: Power BI data source
Embed reports Yes Yes
Report parameters Yes Yes
Row-level security Yes
with JWT-based authorization, security context: any data passed from main app
security context: username, roles, datasets
Reports Deployment All account data (cubes, reports, published reports) may be exported to XML-backup file. Then, this XML file may be restored on prod environment by the user with admin rights.
XML file can be stored under version control; file is a human-readable and usual text diffs work just fine.
PBIX (binary format, no way to get diffs under version control).
Export report formats PDF, Excel, Excel PivotTable, CSV, JSON, Image PDF, PowerPoint
PBI can export to CSV/Excel raw data if allowed.
Paginated table reports and multi-page PDF export Yes Yes
paginated reports require PBI Premium
Pivot Tables Rendered as HTML <table>
Same layout in web-view and PDF/Excel exports
Server-side pagination for large matrixes
Max size: up to 1,000,000 cells (columns x rows), limit can be increased
No expand/collapse for columnssource
No export to Excel/CSV (pivoted data) source
Max size: up to 100 grouped columns x 500 rows source
Flat Tables (datagrids) Web-view pagination is supported (prev/next or show-more)
Up to 50,000 rows at once.
No pagination in table reports source
Up to 500 rows at a time source , large tables may be rendered/exported with PBI paginated reports
Charts Basic charts: bar, horizontal bar, stacked bar, line/scatter/area, pie/donut.
Any custom visualization can be embedded with JSON data export and JS-code.
Basic charts, maps, huge gallery of advanced charts source
Dashboards Only canned dashboards developed with HTML/JS are possible Dashboards may be created with UI
Price for self-hosted subscription
with white-labelling, paginated reports, no per-user licenses for viewers
annual: $1,796
annual: $59,940 (PowerBI Premium)
Looks good? Learn more on SeekTable: If you're interested in embedded BI functionality that is seamlessly integrated you can also check PivotData Microservice - this is SeekTable's reporting engine that is available as a standalone product.