BI Tools Price Comparison for reports sharing in a small team

The key to any small business is to have a business intelligence solution that works and that can be maintained at a cost that is affordable. This comparison is based on a BI tool usage scenario that is common in small companies: cloud BI, one power-user setups data sources / data models / canned reports ("publisher") and 10 users that consume reports with GUI and do some self-service data exploration ("viewers").

Only BI tools with open pricing are included. Products with a quote-based pricing usually are much more expensive (like Sisense, Looker, Birst, Mode, ThoughtSpot and others).
Product Notes Min price for 1 publisher + 10 viewers
SeekTable Advanced pivot tables (fully functional for all data sources), exports to Excel (Excel PivotTable), PDF, custom calculations over both non-aggregated and aggregated values. Only basic charts (and no maps - but anything may be added as custom visuals in dashboards). Dashboards are IT-centric (defined with HTML templates) and available only for on-premise installations. Free self-hosted version + paid features (white label mode, SSO etc). $25 / month = $25 (team sharing) + $0*10 (viewers are free users)
Amazon QuickSight No formulas over aggregated values. No totals/sub-totals in pivot tables for custom metrics like distinct count. Complicated sharing to non-Amazon (IAM) users. No export to PDF for visuals (only a whole dashboard). Limited set of data connectors. No self-hosted version. $74 / month (without Q) = $24 (author) + $5*10 (viewers)
Microsoft PowerBI Self-hosted / unlimited viewers plan is expensive (PBI Premium = $4990/month). No version control / deployments strategy. Live connection (direct query mode) is not available for many data sources / features are limited for this kind of connectivity. No expland/collapse for pivot table columns. Pro users have only 8/day refreshes. $109.89 / month = $9.99 (publisher) + $9.99*10 (viewers)
Metabase No PDF exports. No custom visuals (ability to use own JS code). Pivot tables are not well polished yet (slowness, cannot sort by metric, SQL generation cannot be tuned for efficient filtering/joins etc). No version control for reports. $110 / month = $85 Starter (includes 5 users) + $5*5 (5 viewers)
bipp Very limited embedding capabilities (single visual cannot be embedded at all), no API for reports automation, weak pivot tables. $110 / month = $10*11 (Premium subscription)
Zoho Analytics (Reporting) Suitable only for small datasets. No live connections to DB (only data import). €112 / month = Premium subscription plan (15 users)
Oracle Analytics Cloud (help us with drawbacks/limitations!) $176 / month = $16*11 (Professional plan)
Slemma No self-hosted version. MDX syntax for calculations. $189 / month = Standard subscription plan (includes 30 users)
GoodData No live connections (no SQL), pricing per GB. $200 / month = $20*10 (unlimited users, max 1GB/workspace)
Apache Superset in cloud
Not suitable for secure embedding. No drill-downs. $220 / month = $20*11 Pivot tables are basic (no expand/collapse and other things). No unlimited viewers. No custom visuals. $250 / month = (minimal price, options unknown)
Cluvio Pivot tables are (very) basic. €249 / month = Pro team subscription plan
Qlik Sense Many limitations in the live connection (direct discovery) mode. $330 / month = $30*11 (minimal price per user/mo)
SAP Analytics Cloud Live connections are supported only for SAP products (HANA) (?). $396 / month = $36*11 (BI plan)
Tableau Viewer price is $12/mo but min number of viewers is 100. $420 / month = $70 (creator) + $35*10 (explorers)
Chartio Weak in tabular/pivot table reports.
Chartio will be shutting down on March 1, 2022.
$440 / month = $40*11 (Startup plan)
Your favourite BI tool is not in the list? Feel free to contact us and ask to add it.